Pike Open Bath
Cartridge Kit
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Rockshox Pike Open Bath Cartridge and Adaptor Kit


New Flush Style Rebound Fork Cap

The best performance modification you will ever do to your fork!

Complete replacement of the damper with our open bath cartridge!

This will make your fork feel like a completely different fork, because it is!

Low speed damping that’s firm but still blows-off to be plush on small bumps,
Reduced fork dive that eases the fork through the travel without harshness,
No more high speed compression spikes and no more bottoming with the ABS system.
Low speed compression and rebound adjusters help fine tune the valving as to how it transitions from
low to mid and when the high speed kicks in,
Much more effective than the other dampers attempt to add high speed adjustment without the proper shim stack.


Open Bath Cartridge system for better lubrication, smoother action and low maintenance.

External low speed compression and low speed rebound adjusters

Internal revalvable custom high speed compression and rebound valving.

Internal Anti-dive MidValving.

Optional ABS when air ramp-up is not enough to prevent bottoming

Includes the 20 mm Cartridge Damper Kit Insert, adaptors and fork rebound cap.

Self install kit, user serviceable and revalvable

ABS not recommended for smaller travel set-ups of 150-120 mm

All cartridges are optimized for current travel.
If you plan on changing the travel in the future, please let us know so the proper cartridge tube can be installed.

Adjustable travel positions are still functional as only the damper side is modified.
It will work in all travel modes, the tune can be set for a best compromise between
the two or we can set it up for the higher travel mode, because this is the more sensitive position generally used for DH. When set to the reduced travel mode we suggest that you stiffen the suspension up with the clickers, same as you did with the stock damper.

Available for all models including 26, 27.5, 27.5+and 29 and boost models
(solo air and dual position adjust)
(RCT3 and RC)


• Replacement open bath maintenance free speed sensitive damper assembly, "set it and forget it"
• 20 mm ID damper tube with shimmed 4 port MX style compression and rebound valving pistons
• Upper fork cap adjuster screw with 22 clicks of activated low speed rebound
• Base valve adjuster screw with 22 clicks of activated low speed compression adjustment
Optional Hydraulic Anti-Bottoming System (ABS) for end of stroke bottoming resistance
• Speed sensitive multi-stage shimmed compression, midvalves and rebound valving
• Custom valved and set-up for each rider with printed set-up charts
• Fork air pressure recommendations help us tune to to your weight riding style
Midvalve kit included with standard cartridge to prevent fork dive, adds low speed compression without
harshness, optional midvalve revalving shim kit and set-up charts available
• Designed to be self-installed or send it to us for installation if you need us to do the install

• Weight approx. 300 grams

Need us to install it for you, just send your fork to us and we will install it for $100 including Spectro 85/150 oil. This is not a rebuild, it assumes your fork is in good working condition with no leaks or scratches on the stanchions.

Optional FvAT/HSB
Floating Valving Assisted Threshold High Speed Blow-off System

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For the firmer feel without harshness, have that big hit set-up that still feels plush on square edged bumps!

Available for those who want to fiddle with their set-up:
Optional revalving kit for compression and rebound pistons, with revalving set-up charts

Pike Open Bath
Cartridge Kit
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Open Bath Cartridge shown in Pike 26


New Flush Style Rebound Fork Cap

Available Now
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Also available for Boost Compatible 15 x 110 and +Boost

It should be noted that the 2016-19 boost pike cartridges are unique to these forks
and the 2014-15 cartridges will not fit in.

Rockshox Pike Open Bath Cartridge Kit including adaptors
and Midvalves installed, $449

Custom valved and set-up to rider weight, ability and riding style

We hope to have a separate installation manual online soon.

It is the simplest of all cartridges to install, remove the charger damper, drop ours in, tighten the bolt at bottom, fill with oil and set the level.

Pike open bath installation manual (14.9 MB)

ABS option available, see below to add to cart.
only available on the 27.5 and 29er forks, due to length constraints and is only recommended for 160 mm travel.

Push ACS3 coil conversion kits
Push ACS3 coil conversion kits are compatible with our cartridge.
In order to make the overall spring rate as linear as possible we recommend the minimum or no ramp pressure.
Choose the spring for your weight that gives you 22% sag with 5-8 mm of preload.
We prefer to control bottoming with the use of our optional ABS on the damper side.
This will create a more linear spring system without any mid to end stroke ramp-up and will improve deep square edged hits and better control on jump faces.
The reason you are buying the coil system is to improve the feel of the air spring system and eliminate some of the maintenance issues. The coil will reduce the stiction and smooth out the drag in the beginning of the travel. With the stock damper the compression is too harsh and has to be setup very soft to feel acceptable, since you are converting to coil the tokens will not be able to be used to stop bottoming, Push has designed an end of stroke(last 1/3) to add this progression back into the spring system to allow the rider to create ramp-up to assist the linear coil system from bottoming. This air system is adjustable and is essentially not needed or will be set to 0 psi with proper damping system that we are producing, we are trying to make the fork feel as linear as possible with either the air system, ie no extra tokens needed or with a coil system no air assist system needed. As with all Motocross bikes and most of the early MTB coil forks they used larger amounts of oil in the fork spring side and this height of the fork oil could be varied to create progression. As forks were made lighter this oil was eliminated from the coil leg to save weight and the damper side created all the progression needed or the damper side provided a hydraulic anti-bottoming system, as with our open bath damper design can do. Remember long before air forks were designed to work well, coil forks ruled the planet and we originally designed our cartridge for these coil systems, nothing new here!

Do you need us to install it for you? Ship your fork to us and we can install it for $100, shipping is just the cartridge cost(US orders only), includes Spectro 85/150 oil, see below to add to cart. This is not a rebuild, it assumes your fork is in good working condition with no leaks or scratches on the stanchions.


Choose the type of riding that you will be doing so we can custom valve it to your specific needs.

Click here for a description of our definitions

Type of Riding

Choose your fork model that the cartridge will be installed in.

Fork Model

Choose rider weight.

Choose your fork travel that the cartridge will be installed in.

Fork Travel

Choose rider weight

Choose your fork axle width or + size the cartridge will be installed in.

Fork axle

Choose your fork year the cartridge will be installed in.

Fork Year


Choose your fork air spring system that your fork needs to
achieve 22-25 % sag.

Fork Air system

Choose rider weight.
Rider weight is without gear, we add 5-7 lbs for DH gear, 7-10 lbs for All-Mtn/Freeride.

Rider Weight

Choose the spring rate/air pressure you will be using which gives you 22% sag.
We need this number to help set-up your fork rebound damping correctly.

Click here for sag setting Tips

Air Pressure
or Spring Rate

Choose your rider ability for us to set-up the cartridge.

Rider Ability





ABS Option

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Add option here

Needed for coil conversion systems.

only available on the 27.5 and 29er forks, due to length constraints.

Price $89.95

Price $89.95, during initial build.

Price $89.95, plus labor($89) to retro fit, send your cartridge to us for installation.






Have us install your cartridge for you

Ship us your fork, we will install your new cartridge, service and rebuild your air spring, replace seals and relube.
includes Spectro 85/150 Oil

Add option here, does not include shipping back to you, we will adjust your shipping total depending on where you live in the world and send you a Paypal invoice for the difference. Iit assumes your fork is in good working condition with no physical damage or scratches on the stanchions.

Add each item required to the cart. Price $99


Installation and Service

Price $100, plus shipping difference







It should be noted that the 2016-17 boost pike cartridges are unique to these forks
and the 2014-15 cartridges will not fit in.
Cost to convert is $275.

Are your cartridge dampers for the pike and Lyrik interchangeable? I have a pike now, but may upgrade to Lyrik in the future. Also are you offering a upgrade to the existing charger damper as well as a complete open bath replacement?

The length and fork cap threads for the stock cartridges are different so we have to make them unique for each fork. We used to offer an upgrade for the charger damper but due to the amount of warranty issues with the internal components it became impossible for us to continue offering this tune.

We do not offer this service, sorry too many issues with the stock charger damper that we would have to assume responsibility for when doing the rebuild. In other words the rebuild parts and design of the damper are not good enough for us to service the damper to our standards.

I am currently running 3 tokens and the compression 3 from all the way soft, the fork still feels dives and is harsh on square edged bumps, does the open bath cartridge improve this set-up?
Yes, you will be able to run firmer low speed compression with less dive and a plush small bump feel. The midvalves will prevent low speed dive and the added compression will make the fork ride higher in the stroke. The high speed hits will not be harsh and the overall increase in compression throughout the stroke will prevent bottoming. This will allow you to remove all the tokens in the 160 mm set-up and have a more linear feel making the midstroke less abrupt for square edged hits.