20 mm Open Bath Fork Specifications


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This will make your fork feel like a completely different fork,
Low speed damping that’s firm but still blows-off to be plush on small bumps,
Reduced fork dive that eases the fork through the travel without harshness,
No more high speed compression spikes and no more bottoming with the ABS system.
Low speed compression and rebound adjusters help fine tune the valving as to how it transitions from low to mid and when the high speed kicks in,
Much more effective than the other dampers attempt to add high speed adjustment without the proper shim stack.




Examples of typical 20 mm cartridges

Marzocchi 66 RCV 20 mm Cartridge

Totem 20 mm Cartridge


Compression and rebound valves
Fork rebound caps
Abs Systems



• Replacement open bath maintenance free speed sensitive damper assembly, "set it and forget it"
• 20 mm ID damper tube with shimmed 4 port MX style compression and rebound valving pistons
• Available for 8 inch(200 mm) travel dual forks,single crown 180,170,160,150,140,130,120 mm travel forks
• Upper fork cap adjuster screw with 22 clicks of low speed rebound
• Base valve adjuster screw with 22 clicks of low speed compression adjustment
Hydraulic Anti-Bottoming System (ABS) for end of stroke bottoming resistance
• Speed sensitive multi-stage shimmed compression, midvalves and rebound valving
• Custom valved and set-up for each rider with printed set-up charts
• Fork spring and air pressure recomendations help us tune to to your weight riding style
Midvalve kit included with standard cartridge to prevent fork dive, adds low speed compression without harshness, optional midvalve revalving shim kit and set-up charts available
• Optional revalving kit for compression and rebound pistons, with revalving set-up charts
• Optional HSB compression blow-off system for the firmer feel with-out harshness
• Designed to be self-installed or send it to us for installation if you need us to do the install
• Weight approx. 300 grams

*Self install kit assumes good working knowledge of internals and service procedures.

Revalve Kit or Purchase Tools


Download: 20mm Cartridge Kit Revalving and Optional MidValve Procedure (53.2 MB)


Recommended oil: Golden Spectro 85/150 Cartridge Fork Fluid


PinkBike 2/13/2012 Review of the Boxxer Cartridge

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