Floating Valving Assisted Threshold / High Speed Blow-off System


Currently the major tuning features for forks are the compression and rebound pistons (porting sizes), low speed bleed (adjusters), the valving shims, midValves and the oil-lock ABS.

This is a threshold system (Floating Valving Assisted Threshold/High Speed Blow-off System) or FvAT/HSB for short, added to the compression base valving stack that can be preset and tuned internally to allow the valves to blow-off on high speed hits, this can also be set to limit the amount of blow-off (float), the rate of blow-off (spring rate options) and how it affects the valve stack just before blow-off (high speed valving assist).

What does this mean?

It allows you to add more or set the low speed compression firmer for less dive and pedal bob, still maintain that plush feel and with better square edged performance. With these firmer settings it still can blow-off on high speed square edged hits, removing the harsh feel, while still maintaining bottoming resistance. We are also able to valve the compression a bit firmer for those who want it without the compromise of high speed harshness. Keep in mind shims can only bend so far if set too firmly, this system allows them to push away and blow-off to create a less resistive flow path when no damping is needed.

The FvAT/HSB system is an add on option to the existing compression base valve shimmed system. The kit uses preload spacers, threshold spacers, and revalving shims to change the desired blow-off threshold, blow-off rate, amount of blow-off and the preload affect on the shim stack. It can be set-up with 3 optional blow-off rate springs, all can affect when the valving blows off and the rate at which it blows off. This effectively creates a more linear (medium rate spring), more progressive (firm rate spring) or more regressive (softer rate longer spring). The FvAT/HSB system can be added to any of our 20 mm open bath cartridges as an option or can be retro fitted to your existing cartridge. In other words you can have a firmer fork with less dive without the harshness. I.E. have your cake and eat it too!

For those debating on the HSB vbe ABS here is our recomendation

The abs is not normally needed unless you want to create a very linear feel by converting to coil or modifying the air side to be more linear (because most air forks are very progressive for the last 10 mm and act like a air bump stop anyways). The FvAT/HSB is needed if you do varying types of riding such as park groomed trails or jump lines which need a firm compression feel, and backside natural rocky and rooty trails need very soft high speed compression. This will force us to compromise your set up somewhere in between the two valving options. If we valve it for the park jump lines we can then use the FvAT/HSB system to create a blow-off system to prevent the harsh feel on the high speed rocks, roots and ledge bumps and retain the firmer valving for jump lines and groomed park trails.

Add option here for any open bath 20 mm Cartridge we offer.

Price $99.95

Available Now

Currently not available as a self-install kit

Download Set-Up Chart for Adjusting the Fvat/HSB System
Set-up Manual (34K)

Firm for Progressive Blow-off , is better for big hits

Medium for linear Blow-off, is better for square edged, when doing medium drops

Soft for regressive Blow-off, is better for getting full stroke with no harshness when drops are not a concern.

Have us install it and add it to your cartridge kit at time of purchase or send your cartridge back for us to do the install, $85.




Price $99.95