Compression Adjuster Base Valve
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The compression base valve assembly of the forks controls the rate at which the forks compress over jumps and bumps. This base valve is installed in the bottom of the forks and as the fork compresses oil is forced through the valve to add resistance to the compression of the fork.


The compression base valve has a high and low speed oil circuit. Depending on the size and shape of the bump, oil is pushed through the base valve at different speeds. Round small bumps compress the fork slowly whereas square ledge shaped bumps compress the for very fast, the speed of this type of oil flow is routed through the base valve in two separate circuits. Low speed oil is metered through the low speed needle down the center of the valve. High speed oil is forced to use the additional 4 holes in the base valve and force the valving shims to bend open. High speed damping is controlled by these valving shims stacked in an arrangement that controls the force to resist the flow, rearranging this stack to suit rider preference of terrain is what is call revalving.


Activated Low speed Adjustment

The low speed adjuster is located inside the gold base adaptor and can be adjusted with a flat blade screw driver from the base of the forks. Adjusting the low speed firmer actually activates the initial shims sooner and creates a smoother transition from low speed bleed to mid speed damping. The adjuster can be set to maximum without a harsh feel because the shims can open more easily than most compression system on other dampers. This is accomplished with our four ported metered valves and pistons which allow us to create a wider range of flow with our two stage shim stacks.

Revalving kits are available from us to allow for custom valving to suit your needs, or you can send it to us if you feel it just a bit too complicated for your mechanic skills.




20 mm 4 port Compression Valve

2 mm Low speed bleed

Tapered low speed adjuster (22 clicks)

17mm x 6mm ID face shim

17mm x 8mm Check valve shim

10 mm Adaptor Arbor