Independent Hi/Low Compression Adjuster for DHS and Piggyback Shocks
• Independent Hi/Low Compression Adjuster available for the DHS and Piggyback shocks.

• Retro fits all DHS and Piggyback shocks.

• Allows for independent adjustment of low and high speed compression.

•Low speed is 22 clicks, high speed is 3.75 turns(now light red).

• Allows for plush small bumps and firmer big hit settings without compromise.

• Allows user to fine tune pedal bob without sacrificing small bump compliance.

price $159 to convert an older DHS or piggyback shock with original gold adjuster plus a service labor charge of $85

Adjuster Set-up Hints

Here are some of the damping features created by the High/Low adjuster:

High Speed adjuster starting from full in to at most 2.25 turns out will not affect the pedal performance, it remains the same and the low speed will fine tune the pedal performance and small bump plushness, these will be a compromise (turn LSA in for pedal, turn LSA out for plusher).

From 2.25 to 3.00 turns out the high speed adjuster blends the low speed into the high speed and acts more like a mid speed adjuster.

From 3.0 to 3.75 turns out (all the way) the high speed acts more like a low speed adjuster, it actually opens the 4 high speed holes to bleed like the center low speed center hole does. The 4 high speed holes create 4 times more flow at full open than the low speed hole at full open.

High speed should be firm enough to prevent bottoming but soft enough to absorb square edged bumps, again a compromise.

Base settings are from full closed/all the way in.

Applications List

Download an Owners Manual (459k)

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